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We take pride in our work.

We are Bloomington, Indiana's number one when it come to crawlspace drainage and crawlspace encapsulation. These two systems together can add years to the life of your wood. It helps keep moisture under control, earthy smells away, keeps mold in check, and can even cut down on your heating and cooling bill.  Don't hesitate call today for a free estimate!

When you hire our team to handle your crawlspace encapsulation and drainage needs plus more, you'll get exceptional workmanship at competitive rates. We make sure the job is done right! We offer life time warranties to put your mind at ease.

Protect your home

Wet crawl spaces allow water vapor into your home every day. These can be the main contributor to mold, mildew, and fungus growth. They compromise the structural integrity of your home. Get a encapsulation system today and save your home.


Our encapsulation and drainage systems are the primary and often sole solution to effectively control excessive groundwater.

Depend on our expertise

Don't fail to remedy excessive groundwater and moisture problems in your crawlspace. This can lead to severe health and foundation concerns. Don't put your home and health at risk. Get a drainage and encapsulation combo and get a DISCOUNT TODAY!!


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Comprehensive crawlspace waterproofing, drainage, and encapsulation

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