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About Us

We are a small family owned business. We pride ourselves in our ability to keep all our business on a personal level with each customer. We offer a warranty with our work and promise you'll be satisfied. We offer crawlspace drainages and encapsulation systems. We offer a variety of strucural wood work, and support beams. We deal with basement drainages as well as bowed basement walls. Be sure to give us a call today to set up a free inspection no obligation what so ever. Call us Today you won't regret it. Your satisfaction is our goal.


We provide our services in all of Indiana


Encapsulation- Our encapsulation system along with our drainage system will add years of life to your home. This will keep the moisture and humidity down in the crawlspace, therefore saving your wood for years to come. It also can help with eathy smells and heating and cooling cost. Encapsulation is one of the most benificial things you can do. Encapsulation of the crawlspace is the key along with a drainage system to keep moisture at bay. With an encapsulation we will completely seal you off from the earth, and give u a controlable enviroment.


Wood Repair- We repair sill plate, joist replacement, center beam, helper beams, pier replacement, boxheader caps, ban board replacement, mold treatment.  After doing the wood repair your goning to want to encapulate it to ensure no more wood rot.


Drainage- Crawlspace drainage is usualy the fist place you want to start. This will dry out your crawlspace and will insure that any further work won't be damaged from standing water. Get a crawlspace drainage and an encapsulation together and get a discount and ensure your homes and families health.


Downspout extensions- Your water flows from your roof to the base of where your house meets the ground. If these aren't etended properly they will direct all the water to your crawlspace resulting in standing water. Not only will we extend these but we will do it neatly underground not interfereing with any landscaping.


Mold- We offer a mold control spray and on certain occasions offer bigger mold remediation type projects. Give us a call for a free estimate today. To effectivley keep the the mold at bay your going to want to get a drainage system and encapsulation system installed to keep the moisture in control.


Bowing foundation walls and uneven floors- This is usually a result of to much water entering or pressing on the foudation. We offer several soultions to fix these issues. To properly fix these issues we also need to fix the issues that's caused these to happen in the first place.